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Joshua Carrier
Joshua Carrier
Former Colorado Springs cop Joshua Carrier, 30, was supposed to be a mentor to young people. The seven-year veteran of the force was assigned as a school resource officer at the Horace Mann Middle School; he was a coach in the Police Athletic League, an organization created to encourage youth to enter law enforcement careers; and he volunteered as the school wrestling coach. In May Carrier was arrested on charges of possessing child porn, but further investigation revealed that he was also taking extreme liberties with the young people he was supposed to be mentoring.

Once allegations started to surface, more and more students came forward with their stories of abuse at his hands. According to one student, Carrier would check the wrestlers for ringworm, "He would actually take us into his own office one by one and touch us and look at us and stuff." The number of victims quickly rose from six to 22, bringing the total number of charges against Carrier to 189. More details emerged at a September pretrial hearing including videotapes of Carrier touching young boys' genitalia, and the testimony of a boy who went to the nurse's office for a stomach ache when Carrier was filling in. Carrier checked his abdomen, but allegedly checked the boy's rectum and genitalia as well. It also seems that Carrier had two boys strip-searched for suspected possession of marijuana and allegedly groped them too. His attorney claims that Carrier is a victim of the parents' rush to blame and desire to sue somebody.
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