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Brian Dodge and Billy Koepke
Brian Dodge and Billy Koepke
On November 3, 2011, Fort Lauderdale, Fla., cops Brian Christopher Dodge and Billy Charles Koepke were arrested and charged with crimes related to stealing money and pills from pain clinic customers. Two other officers are also being investigated. The men came under suspicion when a security camera recording of an arrest brought to light significant discrepancies between their stories and what actually happened. According to the arrest affidavit, the two officers pulled over a car with two passengers leaving a pain clinic, who had not yet filled their prescription. A third officer, Matthew Moceri, who is also being investigated, arrived as backup. The affidavit states that they arrested the two male passengers, told the driver to leave, and threatened "to imprison him if he did not 'set up' someone that did have drugs and money." The police drove to the mens' hotel room, which was reportedly outside their jurisdiction, and searched that. Still unable to find drugs and money, they reportedly told one of the men, Mark Meyer, that he was going to be held on $500,000 and would face 25 years in prison unless he gave up "some people." They arrested his girlfriend, who put them onto a crack dealer. He had money, but didn't have any illegal drugs, and the surveillance tape of the arrest proved it. The officers lied on the report and kept most of the money they had gotten from the dealer. Between them Dodge and Koepke are charged with 36 crimes and face life in prison.
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