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Captivity and Torture
Captivity and Torture
In 2008 Dustin LaFortune (pictured left) moved from Winnipeg, Manitoba, to start a new job in far-off Calgary, Alberta. He moved in with his new boss, Dustin Paxton (center). Everything seemed fine until, in 2009, LaFortune was hospitalized twice for suspicious "workplace related injuries," including having a refrigerator dropped on him, which he said was "no big deal." After that, attempts by his family to contact him were brushed off or denied because, they said, LaFortune told them Paxton wouldn't allow it.

His family lost all contact with him in February 2010. Canadian Police blocked efforts to file a missing persons report until April as failing to meet the proper criteria. A few days after the report was filed, police told the family that LaFortune was fine; that he was working at a remote farm that didn't have phone access. They said LaFortune was going to get to a phone and call. He never did.

Two days later his mutilated, starved and nearly lifeless body was dumped at the Regina hospital. He was semi-comatose, weighed 87 pounds, had pneumonia and widespread infection. Doctors found new and old wounds, including stab wounds, multiple fractures to his face and body and burn marks, in various states of healing. His bottom lip and part of his tongue had been cut off (LaFortune after, right) and he had brain damage. Investigators soon found out from neighbors that LaFortune had shown signs of abuse starting in 2010. Further investigation revealed that Paxton had held and abused people before. Police later found Paxton living under an assumed name. He was arrested and charged with keeping LaFortune captive and torturing him for months. No motive has been made public. Paxton has been charged in two similar cases.
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