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Bad Bosses
Protected Abuser?
Protected Abuser?
Ashley Alford (pictured), 20, filed suit against her employer Aaron Rents in 2008, alleging sexual abuse by her supervisor, store manager Richard Moore (inset). What started as a series of degrading nicknames like "Trixie," rapidly degenerated into sexual assault. She accused Moore of groping her breasts, sneaking up behind her and hitting her on the head with his exposed penis while she sat on a couch and on one occasion holding her down, masturbating and ejaculating on her. She also claimed that her complaints to Aaron Rents about Moore and the other male employee he encouraged to sexually harass her were ignored. She sought $75,000 in damages against the former employer. A jury heard the case in June 2011 and decided that she was owed $95 million.
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