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Amanda Knox and the Murder of Meredith Kercher
Until now Italian investigators in the Amanda Knox case have produced two key pieces of evidence: A bra clasp and a knife, both of which have been found by an independent court-ordered report to have been contaminated and inappropriate for DNA testing. The report criticized the methods of evidence gathering in the case as sloppy and unclean. Now it looks as though a third piece of evidence may have been overlooked. Walter Patumi (pictured), a forensic expert hired by the defense, found a blood-soaked sweater at the bottom of a hamper at the crime scene 46 days after the murder, "I can't tell you how embarrassed the police were when I showed them [the sweater]," Patumi told Italian GQ. It seems the sweater was delivered to detectives, bagged and never investigated or tested. Some in the Italian media are now suggesting that the sweater was planted by police.

There is also speculation that lead prosecutor Giuliano Mignini, indicted in 2006 for opening bogus investigations of foreign journalists in connection with the infamous Monster of Florence murders, may be railroading Knox. In light of these facts, some journalists now speculate that Knox may be released sooner rather than later. A verdict is expected in the Knox appeal at the end of the month.

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