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Non-Emergency 911
On October 12, 2001, 911 operators in Danvers, Mass., received a call from a frightened family that had gotten lost in a local corn maze (pictured). The disoriented family of four thought it would be fun to get out and explore the corn maze at Connors Farm, which boasts a seven-acre track, with guideposts along the way, but got lost, and still hadn't found their way out at dark after the farm closed. On the 911 tape, the woman tells the dispatcher, "Hi I just called, I'm still stuck at Connor's Farms, I don't see anybody I'm really scared, it's really dark and we've got a three-week-old baby with us." It seems that the farm's employees had not checked the maze before closing, and that the farm manager did not know there was anybody in there, until police arrived to search the maze. When the family was rescued, they were 20 feet from the exit to the parking lot.

It is not clear how long they wandered around the maze, but farm owner Bob Connors, who apparently did not hear the family's calls for help from outside the maze, believes that "there is no way anybody should be stuck in that maze for any reason." The incident probably won't repeat itself next year, because, at one point during the call, the woman exclaimed, "Never again! ... We thought this would be fun, instead it's a nightmare."
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