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The Texas Cadet Murder Case


David Graham and Diane Zamora will be eligible to leave prison when they are 58 years old, spending virtually their entire youth and middle years in confinement. Diane is an inmate in the Murray Unit near Gatesville, assigned as a maintenance clerk in the unit's warehouse.  A spokesman for the prison system described her as an average, quiet inmate who stays out of trouble and follows directions. Cautious by nature, "she told me she would be selective of her friends," said spokesman Larry Todd. David, as of July 2001, is the co-editor for a Texas prison newspaper. Apparently, Diane and David's years of dedication to the military paid off in adjusting to the discipline-oriented prison system.

Judge Joe Drago III summed up the true story and its outcome:

"There were no winners in this case. The Jones family lost a vivacious, energetic daughter. The Zamora family had a daughter who had been accepted in the U.S. Naval Academy. Now she will be serving a life sentence in prison. David Graham has been under indictment for these crimes and has been awaiting trial for over a year-and-a half [and would receive a life sentence]. Other non-winners include Jay Guild, who had a promising career in the Naval Academy and is now serving pizza in Illinois."

The town of Mansfield continues to mourn Adrianne's death.

In celebration of Adrianne's life, a red oak tree was planted in her honor next to the running track where she used to practice, with a bronze plaque standing in front of it that reads: Unity, Strength, Courage. "Unity," said Linda Jones. "There is unity of numbers. Strength. We draw strength from that unity. That gives us courage to face the evils in this world." 

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