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The Texas Cadet Murder Case

The Plan

The plan was to call Adrianne and convince her to come out to my car; that worked. The plan was to drive her out near Joe Pool Lake; that worked. The plan was to (and this was not easy for me to confess) break her young neck and sink her to the bottom of the lake with the weights that ended up being hit into her head; that didn't work. 

— From David's confession, September 6th, 1996

David's and Diane's confessions to the police shed the most light on the crime. They were remarkably similar; the actions before, during, and after the murder were well laid out, the story becoming clearer. David's read like a tawdry novel. He basically devalued the victim in his haste to make excuses. Diane's confession read like she is also giving excuses, especially for David's planning of the crime.

Saturday, December 2nd, 1995

The couple waited for unsuspecting Adrianne, trying all weekend to set her up for the bogus meeting. "It seemed like David put together what he was going to do, really quick, because he really didn't have much time to think," wrote Diane. "The day prior, he had spent more time calming me down than thinking about what he was going to do. I would wake up in the middle of the night with nightmares. I couldn't even look at his face because I thought he was a different person. I had horrible pictures running through my head about what happened between him and Adrianne and they made me feel really sick."

According to Diane's statement, "The only time David planned anything was when he sat me down at this house, for about five minutes, to calm me down and throw stuff in his bag. The plan was for David to break her neck and sink her body to the bottom of Joe Pool Lake." 

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