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The Murder of Terry King

Life goes on


Alex King was released in April 2008. He moved to Jacksonville, Fla., to live with Kathryn Medico, who'd written a book about him, and her family.

Alex (l) and Derek King
Alex (l) and Derek King
Derek King moved in with his grandmother in Gulf Breeze, Fla., when he was released in March 2009. The brothers had been housed in separate juvenile prisons but they planned to attend the same community college.

They both hit the talk show circuit; they didn't seem to be weighed down by murdering their father. Derek King told the Today show that everyone makes mistakes, and they didn't want to be judged on theirs. Alex King agreed that they wanted to get on with their lives, not to relive the past.

See the boys on Larry King Live:

Derek (l) and Alex King
Derek (l) and Alex King

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