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Forbidden Love: Steven Colver and Tylar Witt

Colver Moves In


Steven Colver
Steven Colver

When Steven Colver's father decided to sell his house and move out of state, Colver needed to find a new place to live. Coincidentally, Joanne Witt was looking to take in a boarder in her home, and Tylar eagerly suggested her friend Steven rent the bedroom. Joanne had no inkling that Steven and Tylar were romantically involved. Tylar had told her mother that Steven was gay (and he had previously been in a relationship with his friend Matthew Widman). Joanne, who had already met Colver a few times and got along with him, agreed to her daughter's plan. So in April 2009, Colver moved into the Witt home on 223 Tattinger Court, paying a rent of $500 per month.

For a time, the arrangement worked swimmingly. Colver proved a calming influence in the home. The trio split chores and ate dinners together when schedules permitted. Colver even e-mailed Tylar's math teacher (who also taught Steven at Oak Ridge) to get her assignments so he could help tutor her. All the while, the teens' romance continued. They would steal kisses when Joanne wasn't looking; when she was out of the house, they would do even more ... until two fateful days in May.

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