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Joe Hunt: White Collar Psychopath

Make the Most of the Situation

Joe Hunt
Joe Hunt

Joe had brought club members Dean Karny and Ben Dosti, along with a former security guard, a powerful black man named Jim Pittman (aka Jim Graham). In the motel, Joe and Ben put on brown UPS uniforms while Dean wrapped brown paper around a blue steamer trunk large enough to fit a grown man inside. They placed it inside the camper truck that Joe had borrowed from his father, and drove to the home of Reza's father.

Joe had prepared chloroform to knock the man unconscious, and once their UPS uniforms got them inside, they used it on the unsuspecting man. The victim let out a few loud shrieks but within ten minutes, they brought out the heavy trunk with Eslaminia whimpering inside. They soon transferred it to a U-Haul, and then drove in a convoy of three cars from the San Francisco area back to their base of operations in Los Angeles.

It was a hot night and the sounds coming from inside the trunk indicated that the captive was gasping for air. Using a screwdriver, Dean drilled a number of holes into the side of the trunk, but when Eslaminia yelled, he covered the holes again. He didn't want people in passing cars to hear.

Eventually they transferred the trunk back to the camper, and soon the man's gasping and shouting ceased. Dean opened the trunk to have a look and was hit by a blast of hot air and the stench of urine. He felt ill, so he turned away. When Joe insisted he check on their passenger's condition, he opened the trunk again. The man was drooling and his stomach was moving, so Dean closed the lid. When he checked again with a flashlight, Eslaminia appeared to be dead. He felt for pulse and found none.

"He's dead," Dean told Joe.

Joe seemed to take it in stride. Author Randall Sullivan indicates that Joe's sole concern was not to reveal this turn of events to Reza just yet. It hadn't been part of the plan, but Joe could figure out a way to make the most of the situation. He always did. That was his life philosophy. What he didn't realize is that by that time, some of the members of his club had already decided that they had had enough of Joe and the BBC. This had not been the first killing in which Joe had implicated them. They had already gone to the police.

Let's take a look at how this deadly adventure got started.