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The Dartmouth Murders


The parents of Jim and Rob still live in Chelsea and are apparently getting on with their lives. According to a Union Leader article by Kathryn Marchocki, "Parker's father, John, remains active in town affairs, coaches the high school basketball team and chairs the local recreation committee, residents said. Tulloch's father, Michael, continues his chair-making business, and his mother, Diane, still works as a nurse."

However, the slayings left scars. Dartmouth history professor and Zantop friend Annelise Orleck told Marchocki, "We still miss them all the time" and that there are "unbidden ways the memories come back [around the anniversary of the murders] sometimes very traumatically."

New Hampshire State Prison in Concord
New Hampshire State Prison in Concord

The Zantop killers are both in the New Hampshire State Prison in Concord as of this writing but are held in different parts of it and allowed no contact with each other.

Jim is classified as a Custody Level 3 inmate. These are prisoners in general population. They can spend most of the day outside their cells except for mandatory head counts. To allow them that freedom of movement, their cell doors are unlocked for most of the day and then locked after 11:00 p.m. They are permitted to participate in outdoor recreation, weight room and arts and crafts. Visitors may see them regularly in the visiting room.

Marchocki reported that Corrections Department spokesperson Jeff Lyons has said that Jim "has shown no behavior problems" and "recently played a role in an inmate theatrical production, plays in the prison band and gets regular visits from friends and family."

Rob was held at a prison in Berlin, New Hampshire, a medium security institution, before being transferred to Concord. While there, a convicted marijuana dealer named Thomas Dougherty attacked Rob, leaving him with two black eyes. In the Union Leader, Kathryn Marchocki quoted Dougherty, "He deserved the death penalty."

When Rob was first put into Concord, he was placed in the Secure Housing Unit, the tightest level of security. Inmates are locked alone in their cells 23 hours per day.

Eventually he was transferred to Custody Level 4, at which he is confined as of this writing. Inmates at that level are locked in their cells 21 hours per day. The three hours allowed outside their cells are in restricted circumstances. They may go to prison-required treatment programs, chapel, dining hall and medical appointments. They may receive visitors in the visiting room but their times are separate from those of the general population. They can only receive scheduled visits Tuesday nights and Saturday mornings, when no other inmates are allowed in the room. Custody Level 4 prisoners wear orange uniforms so they are easily distinguished from those in general population.

The presidential hopeful and would-be world traveler must live every day of the rest of his life, and then die, within the squalid gray monotony of prison.


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