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Amy Fisher

Growing Up Fast

On August 21, 1974, Amy Elizabeth was born to Roseann and Elliot Fisher of Wantagh, Long Island. She would be the couple's only child. According to a book written by Amy Fisher with Sheila Weller, Amy Fisher: My Story, Amy's childhood was far from normal. In fact, it would be considered by many to be traumatic.

Amy Fisher as a child
Amy Fisher as a child
From early on, there appeared to be signs of distress within the family. According to Fisher and Weller, it was suggested that she and her father had a troublesome relationship to the point that she would purposely "avoid him" during her youth because he "terrified" her. The relationship greatly affected her and eventually influenced her later behavior towards men.

Conversely, she had a close and loving relationship with her mother while growing up. Amy also forged an intimate bond with her maternal aunt and grandmother, with whom she spent a great deal of time as a child. The relationships would prove to be her source of strength and support when the problems with her father became difficult to endure.

During her youth, Amy suffered from several traumatic events that would forever change her life. As a young child, she alleged that a family member sexually abused her repeatedly. She experienced yet another traumatic event at the age of thirteen, when a contractor hired to make repairs in the family house raped her as she lay in her own bed.

The shocking events profoundly impacted Amy's life. She resorted to "numbing" her emotions in an attempt to deal with the pain inflicted on her. It was all she could do to survive.

During her school years, Amy made a lot of female acquaintances and formed several close relationships with some of her classmates. She also embarked on a series of romantic relationships in her mid-teens, one of which resulted in a pregnancy and eventual abortion. Although she cared deeply for the young men she dated, none would compare to the man she would meet in the summer of 1991.

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