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Women Who Kill: Part Two

Similar Cases

Carolyn Simpson
Carolyn Simpson

The New York Daily News posted a list of similar cases in which women so strongly craved babies that they were motivated to murder:

In Oklahoma in 2003, Effie Goodson shot Carolyn Simpson, who was six months pregnant, but the baby died as well, and Goodson was arrested.

Michelle Bica was a neighbor of Theresa Andrews in Ohio, who was close to giving birth.  Bica informed her husband that she was pregnant in 2000 and then shot Anderson, taking the baby to claim as her own. The police closed in, so she committed suicide rather than face the music.

Michelle Bica
Michelle Bica

That same year, Kathaleena Draper was suffocated by her aunt, Erin Kuhn, after she decided not to give her aunt the baby she was carrying. Kuhn cut the child from Draper's womb with a knife, but the infant died.

Carethia Curry and Felicia Scott were friends in Alabama. Curry was pregnant and Scott decided that she wanted the child, so she killed Curry to get it. The baby survived, but Scott was arrested.

Kathaleena Draper
Kathaleena Draper

In Chicago, a couple named Fedell Caffey and Jacqueline Williams desperately wanted a baby, so they found a woman, Deborah Evans, who was ready to give birth. They killed her, along with two of her children, and escaped with her baby. The police caught up to them and arrested them. Both went to death row.

In 1987, Darci Pierce abducted Cindy Ray near a prenatal clinical in New Mexico and attacked her. Pierce strangled the pregnant woman, killing her, and used a car key to remove the unborn child. The child survived the attack.

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