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Carolyn Warmus

Carolyn Warmus school photo (Timepix)
Carolyn Warmus
school photo

Carolyn was the daughter of Tom Warmus, a self-made millionaire who accumulated his fortune in the insurance business in Michigan. She was born on January 8, 1964, in a section of eastern Detroit called Saint Clair Shores, Michigan. Raised in wealthy surroundings, Carolyn's every need and want were usually satisfied. Although she lacked little in material things, her parents were unable to stay together and after a bitter struggle, they divorced in 1972. Carolyn was just eight years old at that point. She and her brother and sister went to live with their mother. But animosity between their parents continued for years. There were many court appearances and disputes over custodial issues. The fighting did not affect Tom's business, though. He became even more successful and in 1990, the {New York Times} reported that Tom Warmus was worth over $150 million and owned a fleet of jets, several homes and dozens of cars.

After Carolyn graduated from high school, she attended the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor where she became involved with several married men. These relationships usually ended in an unhappy manner with Carolyn feeling that she was mistreated. Although she was a child of privilege, Carolyn was a troubled young woman. She seemed unable to interact successfully in most of her relationships. And there was always an element of obsessive behavior in her dealings with men. One of her former boyfriends was forced to obtain a restraining order from a local judge to prevent Carolyn from harassing him any further. She had promised to disrupt his upcoming wedding.

Carolyn Warmus yearbook photo (Timepix)
Carolyn Warmus
yearbook photo

Eventually, Carolyn moved to New York City where she attended Columbia University and obtained a master's degree in 1987. In September that same year, she managed to get a job at Scarsdale's Greenville elementary school. During the first week at the school, she met Paul Solomon, a sixth-grade teacher. It was mutual physical attraction at first sight. Few men could not help but take notice of Carolyn's sexy persona and desirable body. She was a fashionable dresser, always sure to be wearing designer clothes that enhanced her figure and brought out the best of her attributes. Carolyn came from money and it showed in her dress, her style and her image.

But those involved with Carolyn over the years, were not kind when it came to describing her personality. One police detective, who went to Michigan to interview some of her past friends, said recently, "People remarked about her mental stability, called her "ditzy" and "schizo." And they weren't the only ones. Some of Carolyn's co-workers told police that she had several personalities and "she was a nut!"

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