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Darlie Routier: Doting Mother/Deadly Mother

The Trauma Room

Months later, in court, the prosecution would attempt to demonstrate Darlie Routier as a heartless, cold-blooded killer. Much of their testimony came from the staff of Baylor Medical Center, where the dead boys were delivered and where Darlie Routier was admitted for observation. Almost immediately, the hospital's personnel sensed something amiss with the mother, for while she outwardly seemed agitated by her tragedy, repeating over and over "Who could have done this to my boys?" her reaction  struck them as insincere and artificial.

Trauma nurse Jody Fitts, an RN for eight years, recalls, "Darlie was wheeled by Trauma Room 1, where her dead child was. She glanced over there, and I was very concerned she would get more upset. His physical condition alone was disconcerting. He was nude and covered head to toe in blood. Tubes were still held in place with tape, and brown bags had been placed around his little-bitty hands to preserve any possible evidence. It was a very stressful and horrible sight...I'll never forget it. (Darlie) saw him. She had absolutely no response, just turned her head back and stared straight ahead cold as ice."

Darlie's wounds.
Darlie's wounds

Checking the woman's condition, examining doctors Santos and Dillawn found the mother's wounds superficial. Under the scratches and blood, they uncovered some minor cuts, which they stitched, and a gash on the throat. While the later left a sickening sight, it was not dangerous, they asserted. The platysma, a sheath protecting the jugular vain, was uncut. Santos, nevertheless, made the decision to keep her in check for several days, considering the strain of the ordeal she suffered. She was berthed in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) under supervision and hooked up to the procedural heart monitor, IV and oxygen tank.

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