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T. Cullen Davis: The Best Justice Money Can Buy

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Andrea Wilborn was 12 years old at the time of her murder. People could not comprehend why she was killed, or why anyone would want to harm anyone at the Davis home.

Priscilla Davis came from a poor background, but she was very attractive. She referred to her shapely bust as "the balcony", and dressed to show it off.

Stan Farr was Priscilla's boyfriend. He had been a basketball player, and was large and athletic. During the struggle with the gunman while wounded, he bought enough time for Priscilla to exit the house, but then died when the gunman managed to get off a few more shots.

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T. Cullen Davis lived the rich life in Texas. He was a man who had everything; a beautiful wife, large home, successful business, and an incredible salary. Could a man with all that do what they say he did?

The mansion that Davis owned and lived in on Mockingbird Lane. The murder of Andrea Wilborn, and the attempted murders of Priscilla Davis and Stan Farr have gone unpunished.

A view of part of the kitchen crime scene. Blood everywhere on the floor, the screen door damaged, and broken glass litter the floor inside the home.

The first day of the murder trial, famed defense attorneys Phil Burleson (left) and Richard "Racehorse" Haynes (right) confer with their client, Thomas Cullen Davis (center). Davis went to trial first for the murder of his stepdaughter, Andrea Wilborn.

District Attorney Tim Curry aided in the prosecution of Davis. Prosecutor strategies were leaked through someone in the D.A.'s office, and given to Davis, even though he was still in custody.

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Judge Joe Eidson aided prosecutors by allowing himself to be photographed as a murder victim. The photograph was shown to Davis as proof that Eidson was dead, and was used as evidence at the trial.

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Judge Tipps presided at the Davis trial over the solicitation to commit murder of Judge Joe Eidson. Sketch artist Harold Maples drew McCrory testifying that Cullen Davis had paid him $25,000.00 after showing him a photo of Judge Eidson apparently dead. Eidson was actually never harmed.

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Current wife Karen Davis accompanies her husband, T. Cullen, to a press conference where he denounced a TV movie known as "Texas Justice".

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Priscilla Davis before her death from cancer. The prosecutor from the original trial had so upset her during his character attack of her during trial, that even in the final stages of her illness, she refused to take painkillers.

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T. Cullen Davis, in 2003. Still living with the huge cloud of suspicions overhead, he denies he had anything to do with all the crimes with which he has been charged and subsequently acquitted.

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