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A Cry in the Night Part 3 Of 3


Australia's Associated Press General News (April 30, 2001). Dingo danger warnings before Azaria died.

BBC News (May 2, 2001). Dingo cull begins at beauty spot.

Shears, Richard (May 2001). Boy of nine savaged to death by dingoes. The Daily Mirror.

Wilson, Alex and Rule, Greg (July 4, 2004). I found baby Azaria in Dingo's jaws: Melb. Man claims. AAP General News.

The following books were used extensively as sources of reference in the writing of "A Cry In The Night"

Azaria, Shears, Richard; Thomas Nelson Australia; 1982

Innocence Regained, Young, Norman H.; The Federation Press; 1989

Through My Eyes, Chamberlain, Lindy; William Heinemann Australia; 1990

Evil Angels, Bryant, John

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