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A Cry in the Night Part 3 Of 3


It is estimated that the costs of the various inquiries and trial exceeded $20 million dollars. Thousands of people gave of their time and money, risking their careers and reputations, to fight against the injustice inflicted upon the Chamberlains.

The cost to the Chamberlains can never be measured. Nothing could compensate them for the loss of their baby daughter, in what could be seen as nothing more than an unfortunate tragedy. They suffered the accusations and infamy of the guilty when, in fact, they were innocent. Lindy was imprisoned for three years and separated from her children and husband. Strangers raised Kahlia for the first three years of her life. Reagan and Aidan were separated from their mother and suffered the tormenting of other children. At such a young age, they experienced the pain of loss and separation, and fear. The demands and pressures of the eight years spent fighting for his wife's freedom and the clearing of their names resulted in Michael being unable to work as a Minister of his religion, his chosen profession, the only one he was qualified to do. The toll on their marriage eventually ended in divorce for Lindy and Michael.

Anti-Lindy Chamberlin T-shirt
Anti-Lindy Chamberlin T-shirt

Despite all evidence to the contrary, a large percentage of Australians still believe that Lindy Chamberlain is guilty of murdering her daughter. Most of these people had handed down their verdict when they first heard 'the dingo story' and no amount of evidence to the contrary would ever sway them.

The only mystery still remaining in this case, is not whether Lindy did or did not kill Azaria, but why the Northern Territory government expended so much time, money and police resources in a case of suspected infanticide, even after an inquest had declared that no such case existed. What motivated the police and government officials involved in this case to be so determined to prove the Chamberlains' guilt and the dingoes' innocence? Perhaps, one day we will find out.


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