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'I Don't Want to Die'

Six Bodies

Although he could not help but notice the blood on the ceiling, this was not what held his attention. The bodies on the floor had appeared still some minutes before, but at least one of them was still alive, Mark now saw. The young man was writhing and making choking and gurgling sounds. His throat was cut and he was struggling to breathe, though he was gagged with a sock. Mark informed the officer and the gag was cut loose. His wrists and ankles had been tied with washing line, and were also freed.

Washing line used at crime scene
Washing line used at crime scene

It was then, while Mark was still kneeling next to the man, that he heard the noise behind him.

His body became rigid as ice. The killers were still here.

The officers came towards him and together they lifted the bed away. Another victim was lying beneath it, also choking on his own blood.

The paramedics arrived and Mark was asked to leave. For a long time, he would have difficulty sleeping.

Three menWarren Visser, Marius Meyer and Gregory Berghauswere found alive and taken to hospital, as was the man on his knees at the gas station.

Six bodiesAubrey Otgaar, Travis Reade, Sergio de Castro, Stephanus Fouché, Jüan Meyer and Timothy Boydwere taken to the mortuary.

Groote Schuur Hospital
Groote Schuur Hospital

While forensic experts were scouring the bloody scene, the seventh victim died at 8 a.m. at Groote Schuur Hospital. The eighth victim would die later that afternoon, at 2 p.m. Which left only Gregory Berghaus, in critical condition, and Quinton Taylor, who was stable.

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