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British Maniac Patrick Mackay

The Priest

Mackay went in and out of yet another mental institution, because he'd tried to kill himself, and five days after he killed Adele Price, he was ready to do it again. After being teased by friends over his former association with Father Crean, which they hinted had been a homosexual liaison, Mackay decided to go to Kent and find the priest. He had a plan for putting an end to this derisive talk. On Friday, February 21, he sought out Crean and killed him.

In his confession, Mackay described his experience that day. He had taken two knives with him on the train from London, so this time he was prepared. He first went to his mother's home and told her to cook a chicken he'd brought. Then he walked down to the convent. He claimed that Father Crean's door was slightly ajar, so he entered and called to his former friend. When Crean saw him, he attempted to leave, but Mackay stopped him. They struggled, rousing Mackay's anger, so he attacked. First he used his hand and fist to knock the priest in the face. Crean got loose and ran into the backroom, probably to lock himself inside. Mackay caught up to him before he could manage it, pushing his way in and causing Crean to fall backwards into the bathtub.

Mackay continued to hit him with his hand and then used a knife to stab him in the neck and side of the head, but when he tried shoving the blade into the top of Crean's skull, he failed.

"I grabbed for the axe," Mackay said, "and with this repeatedly lashed out with it at his head." That made the priest, who'd been sitting to ward off the blows, lay back into the tub. Mackay says that he then went out of his mind and just kept attacking. "It was something in me that just exploded."

He bludgeoned Crean on the face and head, and watched the man's skull crack open. Then, as Crean lay helpless and alive, Mackay put in the plug and turned on the water, sitting on the edge to watch his victim struggle helplessly, unable to control his body movements. Time passed. It took Crean nearly an hour to finally realize he was going to die. He touched his skull, feeling his exposed brain, which Mackay found highly erotic. Then Father Crean expired. Mackay watched the body for another quarter of an hour, completely fascinated with it, and then returned to his mother's to eat the dinner she had made him.

Late that night, one of the nuns discovered Father Crean's blood-covered corpse and called the police. They had a good idea about who might have done it.


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