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Dr. Kermit Gosnell and the Philadelphia Abortion Mill

The Staff

Kermit Gosnell
Kermit Gosnell. More Photos
During the day, Gosnell's clinic was primarily used for seeing patients and prescribing drugs. A pre-signed pad was left at the clinic so that staff -- none of whom were licensed doctors and nurses -- could write prescriptions at will. According to the Grand Jury report, it is estimated that Gosnell pulled in hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. The Grand Jury report also stated "Gosnell was one of the top three Oxycontin prescribers in the state of Pennsylvania." He had written so many prescriptions that by 2010, a nearby pharmacist had stopped filling the prescriptions coming from Gosnell's clinic.

Based on the evidence, the Grand Jury recommended charging Gosnell and part-time employee Steven Massoff with conspiracy to violate the Controlled Substances Act.

The fact that none of the employees on his full time staff were trained medical professionals was the biggest red flag that Gosnell was not operating a normal facility. His staff was entirely untrained and paid nearly minimum wage, often in cash.

Lynda Williams
Lynda Williams. More Photos
Among his employees were Ashley Baldwin, a 15-year old full-time high school student, and her mother, Tina Baldwin, who'd worked for Gosnell for nine years. Also employed by Gosnell were Latosha Lewis, Lynda Williams, and Sherry West. In all cases, the women were overseeing and participating in procedures that were far above their pay grade -- which wasn't much. Lewis was paid $7 an hour -- with overtime, but then was "upgraded" to $12 an hour and no overtime. If she worked on a late-term abortion, she could get a bonus of $20. West was paid between $8 to $10 an hour.

Like the others, the high school student was given absurd responsibilities: performing ultrasounds, giving patients drugs, and helping with the surgeries. While Tina Baldwin and Lewis had attended the Thompson Institute and received rudimentary medical training, only Baldwn received a certificate of completion -- in 2009, near the end of her tenure. Williams, in helping with procedures, would allegedly deliver babies, born fully alive, and then sever their spinal cords -- as she had learned from the doctor. Sherry West, a former patient of Gosnell's, was diagnosed Hepatitis C and never used gloves or other sanitary precautions when touching patients, administering IVs and drawing blood.

There were others -- including Randy Hutchins (the only licensed medical provider briefly on staff,) Maddline Joe, Steve Massof and Eileen O'Neill (medical school graduates who were unlicensed and never entered a residency program,) and Andrea Moton, who "assisted" with surgeries and allegedly killed living babies. Also on staff was Pearl Gosnell, Dr. Gosnell's wife. She administered drugs and performed medical procedures, but her only license was for Cosmetology.

Even Gosnell himself was not board certified and was not officially an obstetrician or gynecologist.

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