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Gary Hinman
Gary Hinman

On July 31, 1969, musician Gary Hinman was found stabbed to death in California.  A suspect driving Hinman's car, Bobby Beausoliel, was picked up and there was blood on his clothes.  Beausoliel lived on an old movie ranch with a group of hippies led by a man named Charlie, who claimed to be Christ, but no charges were levied against him.

On Aug. 9, at the home of film director Roman Polanski, a massacre occurred that would make headlines around the world.  Five people were slaughtered in a blood-drenched spree, including Polanski's 26-year-old wife, actress Sharon Tate, who was eight months pregnant at the time.

Sharon Tate
Sharon Tate

The first victim was Steve Parent, 18, just visiting a resident of the guest house.  He had been shot four times in his car as he was leaving the premises.  Inside the home were two blood-covered bodies: Sharon Tate, stabbed sixteen times, had a nylon rope tied loosely around her neck.  A long end had been tossed over an overhead rafter and then tied around the neck of hair stylist Jay Sebring, Tate's former beau, also dead.  He had been shot once and stabbed seven times.  On a door, the word "PIG" was written in blood. 

And there were victims who apparently had unsuccessfully tried to flee.  Outside on the lawn lay Voytek Frykowski, bleeding profusely from his many wounds.  He had been shot five times and stabbed fifty-one times as well as struck thirteen times in the head.  Nearby was coffee heiress Abigail Folger, stabbed twenty-eight times.


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