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The Deaths at Duffy's Cut: Cholera or Cover-up?

Continuing Developments

John Ahtes died of an aortic aneurysm in July 2010 at just 48, but Bill and Frank Watson and the rest of the Duffy's Cut Project team are continuing the investigation. They hope to put the mystery of the Irish workers to rest and to find a sort of justice for the men who died or were killed building America's infrastructure. Some of the identified men's Irish relatives are arranging to have their long-lost kin's remains shipped back for a burial in the homeland that never heard from them again. The Watson twins have arranged to bury unclaimed remains beneath a Celtic cross in Bala Cynwyd's West Laurel Hill Cemetery.

The excavation site
The excavation site
Meanwhile, the Chester County Paranormal Research Society has been doing some research of its own at the site. Though the Rev. Frank Watson initially opposed the Society's experiments, the paranormal investigators persisted, and claim that they've photographed strange orbs and recorded a spectral voice begging for help.

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