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Daniel Remeta: On the Road to Destruction


The law enforcement officers pursuing Remeta and his gang came upon Schroeder and Moore just moments after the killers left the scene. At first, they stopped some distance away from where the two men lay, wondering if it wasn't some kind of trap.

"I approached them really cautiously because at the time, from a distance, it just looked too perfect the way they were lying there," Jones said. "I was really concerned somebody was going to roll over and take a shot at me, until I got closer and could see the blood."

It soon became all too clear that the men were dead. Jones called for support and the hunt for the killers intensified. Across northern Kansas, every law enforcement agency within 50 miles of Grainfield was alert and looking for Remeta and his crew. Closer to the scene of the latest crimes, authorities set up roadblocks, intent on putting a stop to Remeta's brutal killing spree.

The killers approached one of the roadblocks, stopped, and turned around. Then what had been a dragnet around some of the most barbarous killers Kansas had seen in 100 years became a chase.

The chase ended at a farm about 17 miles north of Colby, in Rawlins County. The bandits stopped at the farm and jumped from the truck. Remeta and Walter were both armed and firing at police as they ran for cover, witnesses said. When Walter stood up and took a couple of shots at a state trooper, he was shot in the forehead by a reserve officer from Colby's police force.

With Walter dead and Dunn wounded, Danny Remeta had managed to take out almost everyone except himself. He continued to fire at police, stopping only when he was shot in the buttocks. Only James Hunter emerged unharmed.

Dunn, cradling her arm, nicked by a shotgun blast and wounded by Hunter's earlier shot, screamed at police that they had killed an innocent man, possibly referring to the notion that Walter had been an unwilling participant in the ordeal. Then, she turned to Remeta.

"I love you, Danny," she shouted as the pair were being restrained.

"I love you, too," Remeta called back.


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