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Daniel Remeta: On the Road to Destruction

Date with Death

From Ocala, the trio headed west, surfacing again in Waskom, Texas, an oil town of less than 2,000 people on Interstate 20 just across the state line from Louisiana. Two days after Chet Reeder was slain, Remeta, Walter and Dunn entered a Waskom gas station,   where 18-year-old Camilla Carroll was finishing up her Sunday evening shift. When he finished emptying the store's cash register, Remeta ordered Carroll outside and took her, Dunn and Walter into a wooded area about 300 yards from the gas station. Remeta then ordered the terrified teenager to walk away from the group. Taking aim with the pistol, Remeta yelled for Carroll to begin running, which she did. As the girl ran, he opened fire, striking her once in each leg.

Carroll crashed to the ground, her legs collapsing from the force of the slugs. Remeta walked up to her as she lay writhing on the ground and proceeded to empty the remaining shots into her stomach. Leaving Carroll to die in the woods, Remeta, Walter and Dunn got back into their car and drove away with approximately $400.

The group hadn't counted on Carroll's determination to live. With five slugs in her body, she managed to crawl a quarter-mile down the road and stop a passing car. She was taken to a hospital in Shreveport, while the desperate trio headed north to Arkansas and another date with murder.

Mulberry, Arkansas
Mulberry, Arkansas

Just south of I-40 in northwest Arkansas is the small town of Mulberry, which, in 1985 was a quiet community of around 1,500 people.  Remeta, Walter and Dunn chauffeured Death into town at about 8 p.m. on February 11, while 42-year-old Linda Marvin was working at Bob's Grocery on U.S. 64.

  Bob's Grocery was near an off-ramp for I-40, and several witnesses saw two men exit a car that was later identified as belonging to Mark Walter. The two men entered the store. Inside, the gunman bought some items, and when Linda opened the register to give him change, he opened fire and shot her ten times with a .22-caliber pistol. She was dead at the scene. Remeta would later testify that he purchased the second firearm and enlisted the help of a "wino" to buy the bullets. The killer and his accomplice cleaned out the register and fled the store, leaving behind the change Linda had placed on the counter. The haul was about $500.

  Although they didn't know it, as Remeta, Dunn and Walter drove northwest away from Crawford County, Arkansas, fate was directing their course. The group had already left a trail of death during their odyssey of mayhem through the south, but what was behind them would pale in comparison to what lay ahead in Kansas.


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