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A Connecticut Nightmare

The Bank

Joshua Komisarjevsky says it was his idea to force Jennifer Hawke-Petit to withdraw $10,000 from the bank, but that he was afraid of being recognized if he went with her. So Steven Hayes drove with Jennifer Hawke-Petit to her local bank.

While the accused killer sat in the car, Hawke-Petit went inside and withdrew $15,000 shortly after 9 a.m. She passed a note to the teller and spoke few words, saying that her family was being held hostage and they would be killed if police were alerted.

A witness at the bank that morning who saw Hawke-Petit come in for the withdrawal described the mother of two as rushed and tense. "I felt fear," the eyewitness said.

Jennifer Hawke-Petit withdrew more than the robbers asked for, sources say, in hopes that her family would be set free once she handed over the cash. A bank employee called 911 at 9:21 a.m.


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