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A Connecticut Nightmare

Monday Morning

After beating William Petit with a baseball bat, sources say, Joshua Komisarjevsky and Steven Hayes dragged him into the basement, put a garbage bag over his head and tied him up in an attempt to keep him restrained.

Then the two men went upstairs. Komisarjevsky told Brian McDonald he didn't want "a 17-year-old high school wrestler" coming at them. They figured out who was in the house, tying up Jennifer Hawke-Petit, Hayley, and Michaela with a mix of rope, scarves and electrical wire. According to warrants, investigators discovered rope-like traces around the ankles of all three victims and on the wrists and bedposts of the two girls.

According to news reports, the two accused men gathered all the cell phones in the house but were texting each other's cell phones from inside the house. While Komisarjevsky watched the three females, Hayes went through drawers, closets, wallets and purses. He collected Jennifer Hawke-Petit's jewelry, a few hundred dollars in cash, and a jar of change Michaela had collected to benefit multiple sclerosis research.

Although they unplugged all the landline phones, at least two phone calls were made from inside the house that morning. Sources say the two men forced Jennifer Hawke-Petit to call her husband's office and say he wouldn't be coming in to work so there wouldn't be any alarm when he didn't show up. And Joshua Komisarjevsky called his work to say he couldn't come in because his daughter Jayda was sick.

But, according to prosecutors, it was Joshua Komisarjevsky who was sick.


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