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The Murder of Valerie Percy



The Home Invaders: Confessions of a Cat Burglar, Frank Hohimer, Chicago Review Press, 1975

Getting Away With Murder: 57 Unsolved Murders With Reward Information, Ed Baumann and John O'Brien, Bonus Books, 1991

Return to the Scene of the Crime: A Guide to Infamous Places in Chicago,  Richard Lindbergh, Cumberland House, 1999

News Stories

"Daughter Slain in Candidate's N. Shore Estate; Find Finger and Palm Prints in Bedroom," Chicago Tribune, Sept. 19,1966

"Earlier Prowler Hunted in Percy Slaying," by Sandy Smith, Chicago Sun-Times, Sept. 30.1966

"America's No. 1 Murder Mystery: Who Killed Senator Percy's Beautiful Daughter?" True Detective, August 1958

"Two Name Slayer of Valerie Percy," by Art Petacque and Hugh Hough,
Chicago Sun-Times, Nov. 25, 1973

"The Senator's Daughter," by Ed Baumann and John O'Brien, Chicago Tribune, April 21, 1991

"Present Perfect: Charles Percy is Having Too Good a Time Now to Regret the Past," by Glen Elsasser, Chicago Tribune, Feb. 7, 1994

"Whatever Happened to Charles Percy," by Jeff Lyon, Chicago Tribune, March 12, 1995

"The Mourning After: Wealth and Fame Are No Protection from the Death of a Child," by Peter Castro, People Magazine, March 31, 1997

"The Sun-Times Did More Than Just Report," by Don Hayner and Tom McNamee, Chicago Sun-Times, Aug. 9, 1998


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