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Sandra Cantu

Sandra Disappears

Missing poster
Missing poster

Orchard Estates Mobile Home Park is located in Tracy, Calif., just 60 miles from San Francisco. It's mostly a dairy farming community, but has had some spillover residents in recent years from the inexorable sprawl of Silicon Valley. A member of the Clover Road Baptist Church, where her grandfather, Clifford Lane Lawless, was the pastor and she taught Sunday school classes, Huckaby was a trusted member of the community. She would look after other kids for parents. Huckaby and Sandra Cantu's family lived just five doors down from each other; Melissa's five-year-old daughter Madison often played with Sandra.

Sandra Cantu was last seen on March 27 around 4 p.m., when she left to play with a friend. She was caught on a surveillance tape that day, skipping down the street wearing her pink Hello Kitty t-shirt. It is believed this is the last time she was seen alive. When her daughter didn't return home at 8 p.m., her mother, Maria Chavez, called the police.