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The Martha Moxley Murder


In researching data for The Martha Moxley Murder: Ineptitude or Slanted Justice? I came across a score of informative and well-compiled material. Resources include books, magazine articles, newspaper clippings and even an informative up-to-the minute website dedicated to the victim, Martha Moxley. The best of these resources are listed below.

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Alessi, Tom, creator of the Martha Moxley Website (

Associated Press, The.

Dumas, Timothy A Wealth of Evil NY: Warner Books, Inc. , 1998.

Elvin, John "Getting Away With Murder — Almost," article appearing in Insight Magazine, May 31, 1999.

Fuhrman, Mark Murder in Greenwich — Who Killed Martha Moxley? NY: HarperCollins, 1998.

Greenwich Time

New York Times

O'Brien, Ellen "Reopened: The Moxley Murder," article appearing in The Boston Globe, July 5, 1998.

Reuters News Service


Court Television


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