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The Martha Moxley Murder


On June 7, 2002, Court TV reported that after three days of deliberations the jury in the Martha Moxley murder case found Michael Skakel guilty. Under state law, Skakel's bond was e revoked and he awaited his sentence behind bars. In August 2002, Skakel was sentenced to 20 years to life.

In November 2003, Skakel's attorneys appealed his conviction, arguing that the case should have been tried in juvenile court, since Skakel had been a minor at the time of the crime, but the Connecticut Supreme Court rejected the appeal. Appeal of that ruling to the Supreme Court was also unsuccessful.

In September 2007, Skakel's attorneys filed for a new trial on the basis of claims by a Skakel classmate that other boys had expressed sexual interest in Moxley on the night of her death. In October 2007, the appeals court rejected the petition, which his attorneys then appealed to the Connecticut Supreme Court. In March 2009, the Connecticut Supreme Court heard arguments on the appeal.

Skakel remains in prison and will be eligible for parole in 2013.


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