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The Martinsville Seven


"Supreme Court Again Dooms Martinsville 7; CRC Protests", January 3, 1951, The Daily Worker.

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Martinsville Circuit Court, Martinsville, Virginia, assorted documents from the Martinsville Seven Case File, which include:

Transcript of testimony: Commonwealth v. Joe Henry Hampton

Transcript of testimony: Commonwealth v. Booker T. Millner

Transcript of testimony: Commonwealth v. Frank Hairston, Jr.

Transcript of testimony: Commonwealth v. Howard Hairston

Transcript of testimony: Commonwealth v. John Clabon Taylor and James Luther Hairston.

Martinsville Bulletin, a long series of unaccredited newspaper articles published from January 10, 1949 to February 5, 1951.

"The Martinsville Seven", Editorial, February 10, 1951, "Martinsville, Town of Death Mourns Seven", February 10, 1951, "Death Vigil Being Kept for Martinsville Seven", February 3, 1951, New YorkAmsterdam News.

"Final Pleas Denied, 4 Negroes Die Today", February 2, 1951, Burton Bars Death Stay", February 5, 1951, "Martinsville, Town of Death Mourns Seven", February 10, 1951, The New York Times.

Rise, Eric W. (1995), The Martinsville Seven: Race Rape and Capital Punishment. Charlottesville, VA: University Press of Virginia.

Rise, Eric W. Race, "Rape and Radicalism: The Case of the Martinsville Seven, 1949-1951", The Journal of Southern History, Vol. 58, No. 3 (Aug. 1992) 461-490.


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