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Profiling JonBenét Ramsey's Murder

Other Items Found

  • Other items specific to behavioral analysis include:
  • The incident occurred at night and on a holiday
  • The incident occurred in the victim's home
  • The victim had been covered with a blanket
  • The victim had been sexually violated
  • The victim was both strangled and bludgeoned, with the bludgeoning occurring afterward
  • An unused nightgown lay near the victim's body
  • The victim was last seen in her second-floor bedroom in a large, four-story house
  • The other three members of the family had reported hearing nothing
  • The stick used for the garrote had been grabbed from a nearby box, not brought to the scene
  • Knowledge that the window was broken (if that was the point of access) because it was covered by a grate
  • No sign of forced entry (even at this broken window), no footprints in melting snow outside
  • Pattern injuries on the body resembling those from a stun gun

Injuries on the body resembling those of a stun gun.
Injuries on the body resembling those of a stun gun.

  • The wine cellar is a difficult room to find so, familiarity with house layout
  • Seemingly disguised printing for the ransom note
  • Practice note, and possibly the start of a second practice note
  • Language of the ransom note
  • Practicing and writing the note inside the home, with materials found there
  • Leaving a note although victim is dead and left inside home to be found
  • Statements given by the parents/the 911 call
  • Behavior of the parents during investigation immediate representation by attorneys, the decision to first search the basement, the father's ability to see a child's body in the dark when another searcher had not, the removal of a number of items from JonBenet's room and clothing from the home
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