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Profiling JonBenét Ramsey's Murder

Items of Evidence

Physical evidence in this case consisted of:

  • the ransom note and practice note

First Page of Ransom Note
First Page of Ransom Note

  • a bowl of pineapple in kitchen, with Patsy's and Burke's fingerprints
  • two tablets of lined white paper from in the house, with a page of "practice" writing
  • Sharpie pens that proved to have been used in the writing of the note and practice note, placed back where they belonged in a kitchen container
  • handwriting exemplars from John and Patsy Ramsey
  • duct tape and bindings from the victim
  • a blanket used on victim and nightgown
  • the wooden stick used on the garrote, broken off Patsy's paintbrush set in the basement, near the wine cellar
  • JonBenét's clothing, including the shirt she'd worn to bed, found in her bathroom, and the shirt she had worn that evening put back on her
  • the broken basement window
  • a scuff mark on the basement wall below the broken window
  • the suitcase placed beneath the broken window
  • an open cabinet near the victim's room with a package of diapers pulled out
  • the room where the body was discovered
  • the autopsy results injuries to the victim
  • foreign DNA under the victim's fingernails and in her underwear
  • boot print not matching any family member's footware in wine cellar
  • golf club found in the yard, with a blond hair on it
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