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Evelyn Mezzich
Evelyn Mezzich

In 1997, Peru opened its arms to one of its own citizens, Evelyn Mezzich, who faces charges of intoxicated assault with a vehicle and intoxicated manslaughter with a vehicle in America. While a student at the University of Texas, Mezzich allegedly drove drunk and had an accident that killed her 18-year-old roommate Lindsay Brashier and paralyzed another. After posting bail, Mezzich fled and is now married and expecting a child in her native country. Photos on Mezzich's MySpace page, on which Mezzich lists "drinking" as one of her top interests, depict a happy woman who likes to party and go out. While Brashier's father has stated that he does not want to reopen old wounds by having Mezzich extradited, the profile, now private, was public long enough to spark grief and outrage in Marilyn Datz, Brashier's mother, who sees Mezzich's unapologetically comfortable lifestyle as a grave injustice.

After being charged with corruption in Venezuela, politician Manuel Rosales, who ran against Hugo Chávez in 2006 and had participated in a failed 2002 coup attempt against him, fled to Peru, where he remains under political asylum.

PROS: Some of the farther reaches of Peru are beyond the purview of the state; law enforcement is limited and barely present, so no one will even know you're there.

CONS: Bilateral relations between Peru and the US are quite good, so if they do find you, and you're not a Peruvian citizen like Mezzich, back to the States you go.

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