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Ira Einhorn: The Unicorn Killer


In attempting to relate the strange story of Ira Einhorn as it happened, and to portray the emotions of the day and hour as accurately as possible, I referred not only to a major book on the subject but to many news articles by columnists and writers who followed the case as it progressed over the years. Specifically, these sources are:

Associated Press articles (writer Ian Phillips)

Holly Lives! website (

Legal Intelligencer (columnist Robert Sharpe)

Levy, Steven The Unicorn's Secret – Murder in the Age of Aquarius NY: Simon & Schuster, Inc., 1988.

Newsweek magazine (writers Scott Johnson, Steven Levy)

Philadelphia Daily News (staff writer Theresa Conroy)

Philadelphia Inquirer (staff writers Daniel Rubin, Julie Stoiber, Fawn Vrazo)

Time magazine (writers Mark Coatney, Steve Levy)

WorldNet Daily (commentator Maralyn Lois Polak)

Other Sources:

The Philadelphia Inquirer (October 1, 2002). Einhorn witnesses testify about seeing bruises on victim.

United Press International (September 30, 2002). Einhorn may testify in trial.

United Press International (December 17, 2002). Einhorn guilty in ex-girlfriend's murder.


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