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Ted Binion

Sandy's "Boo-Hoo" Interview

Rick Tabish
Rick Tabish (POLICE)

A short time later Rick Tabish arrived at the hospital and explained that he was a friend of both Ted Binion and Sandy Murphys.  He met Janice Tanno in the waiting area and explained to her that he had been on his way to the airport when he had heard the news about Binion and he wanted to see if there was anything he could do to help Sandy through her difficult time.  However, by this time Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVMPD) Detective Jim Mitchell of the departments general assignment detail, the detective who had been waiting outside her room, was interviewing Sandy.  A few minutes later Tannos son, Alex, came out and announced to those waiting to see Sandy that a police interview was being conducted.   Tabish, upon hearing this information, said his goodbyes and promptly left the hospital.

According to LVMPD records of Detective Mitchells interview, Sandy explained that Binion began using drugs again shortly after his gaming license had been revoked, and claimed that he was suicidal.  She said that she had seen Binion stick a gun inside his mouth when he was high on drugs.  According to Sandy he had gone into her bedroom and awakened her in the middle of the night to tell her that he was going to try to sleep, but that he was fearful and wanted her to watch him.

Sandy, can you tell me what happened this morning up until this afternoon, when you found Ted?  Mitchell asked.

He said that he might be sickmore stuff so he could  Sandy trailed off, breathing heavily.

When you say more stuff, what does he mean by more stuff?  Mitchell asked.

No.  I dont wannaI dont wanna, I dont wanna mention it, Sandy replied, crying.

Sandy, Sandy, just calm down.  Sandy, did you give him any heroin today?

No.  I was looking for it for him and I couldnt find it.  He couldnt find it, Sandy said, still crying.

Sandy, theres a window thats open in your bathroom back in the bedroom where you were, in the northwest corner of the house.  Can you tell me why thatbathroom window is open?  Mitchell asked.

I locked myself out last night, Sandy replied between sobs.  I dont have my keyand he was asleep and he wouldnt answer the door.

Okay.  Can you tell me why theres a white chair underneath thewindow?

Because I had to stand on the chairbecause it (the door) was locked.

Okay.  Im gonna ask you again, Sandy, did you give him any drugs today?

I dontI gave himhe asked me, so I opened his (unintelligible) for him, she responded.  Her crying made it difficult for Mitchell to understand everything that she was saying.

What type of pills did you give him?  Mitchell asked.

I didnt give em to him, I just brought em to him and

What type of pills were they?

I dont know.  He got em from my neighbor.

Were they pills that he got from a doctor?

My neimy neighbors a doctor and my neighbor used to give him that shit before when we were (unintelligible) and I told him if you ever give him that stuff againAnd he give him some more last night.  I dont knowhe gave him more.

Whats the doctors name, Sandy?  Mitchell repeated the question twice because Sandy didnt answer at first, and only continued crying.

Dr. Lacayo, she finally responded.

He lives next door to you?


Which house does he live in?  Does he live to the west of your house or to the east of your house?  Mitchell pressed.

The east.

Can you spell his last name for me?

L-A-C-A-Y-O.  I dont know

Do you know his first name?

Yeah.  EnriqueAnd he got some other pills from Dra couple weeks ago when he tried to get straight.  He told me that this is the last time and he wasnt gonna do it ever again

When did Dr. Lacayo give him the pills?  Mitchell asked.
Last night, Sandy said.

Did Dr. Lacayo see him last night?

Ihe had to get him the pill.

Do you know what the pills are?  Are the pills in his bedroom?

Some are.  I think Xanax.  But he got some other pills, I dont know what theyre called, a couple weeks ago from another doctor.

Were there any pills left over in the room that we found him in?

I dont know.  I didnt look.  I dont know

Sandy, when was the last time you saw him alive?

When I leftmorningthe last time II thought he was alive.  He looked like he was sleeping.  I thought he was sleeping and he wouldnt wake up, he wouldnt wake up, he wouldnt wake upOh God!  Oh God! Oh God! Sandy exclaimed, sobbing uncontrollably.

Sandy, after you found him, Sandy

Oh, God!  Im so sorry.

Sandy, after you found him Mitchell tried again.

Im so sorry.

Did you clean the room after you found him?  Mitchell asked.

Sandy didnt respond to the question, but continued crying.

Did you pick anything up in the room?  Mitchell asked.

I, I, I dont think soOh, I dont know.  I dont think so.  I dont know.  I found him and he wouldnt wake up and I panicked and I was trying to make him breathe and he wouldnt breatheOh God!  Oh God!  Oh God!  Sandy sobbed.

Sandy, do you remember what time you found him when you came back home?

I dont know what time it was, Sandy responded, now breathing heavily.  My watch stoppedI dont know what time it isI dont know

You said he asked you earlier to sit up with him that night.  Do you remember what time that was?  Mitchell probed.

 I dont knowhe woke me up in the middle of the nightand wanted me to watch him sleep, Sandy explained, breathing heavily.

Did you see him again after he woke you up in the middle of the night?  What did he say to you afterhe woke you up in the middle of the night?

He told me that he was gonna try tothat he might be sick and he wanted me to watch him sleepHe said he might have a seizure, and to please watch him.  I shouldve never left.  I shouldve never left.  Im so sorry.  Im so sorry.  Oh God!  Oh God!

By this time Binion was lying on the mattress on the floor inside the den.  It seemed a bit odd, even contradictory, to the detective that someone who was suicidal would be concerned enough about the possibility of having a seizure that he would want someone to remain with him.

After he woke up, what did you do?

I went and laid with him.

Did you fall back asleep?

Oh, for a little while.

But then when you left the house, he was fine, right?

Yes.  Well, he was just sleeping.

How long were you gone from the house?

For a few hours.  I dont know.

You dont remember what time you left the house?


Was it in the morning?

the morning and then I came back and then he was sleeping and I just laid on the sofa and just watched him sleep for a little while and I was tired because he had kept me up all night and then I went and got dressed and then I went to Kathys and then I went to(unintelligible) and then I came home and Iand he was still sleeping and he wouldnt wake up.  Sandy was rambling and crying at the same time.  and he wouldnt wake up and I tried to make him breathe and he wouldnt breathe, he wouldnt breathe, he wouldnt breathe.  He wouldnt breathe

Later, one of the prosecutors referred to this event as her boo-hoo interview.

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