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Mary Bell

Murderous Messages

"Look out THERE are Murders about"

-- note found in vandalized nursery

On Monday morning, May 27 the teachers at the Day Nursery, on Woodlands Crescent at the end of Whitehouse Road, arrived to find the school ransacked. School supplies were strewn about recklessly, and cleaning materials had been splattered on the floor. But the most disturbing discovery was the four scribbled notes left behind:


"I murder so THAT I may come back"

"fuch of we murder watch out Fanny and Faggot"

"we did murder Martain brown F*** of you Bastard"

"You are micey Becurse we murdered Martain Go Brown you Bete Look out THERE
are Murders about By FANNYAND and auld Faggot you Srcews"

Police took the notes back to the station and filed them away as a sick joke. Mary would later admit they wrote the notes "for a giggle." Because this wasn't the first break-in at the Nursery, the school installed an alarm system.

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