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Suicide Attempt

Pierre finally traveled to Orleans to hear out his wife.

She pleaded, argued and cajoled, but it was of little use. He took the aloof position that his affair was his private business.

That same week, Chevallier had been nominated to a cabinet position as government minister for education, youth and athletics. He apparently believed that a divorce would end his political career. France, a Catholic nation, tolerated affairs but would not brook a failed marriage.

Yvonne took the boys to the coast for a two-week holiday, hoping the time and distance apart from his children would bring Pierre back to his family. 

But when they returned, Chevallier continued to display contempt, not affection.

Yvonne swallowed a handful of her medications in a wishy-washy suicide try. She recovered, then marched to a police station near her home to apply for a handgun license, explaining that she needed protection since her husband was about to assume a lofty government position.

Mab 7.65mm handgun
Mab 7.65mm handgun
She obtained the permit and visited a gun shop, asking the owner to show her a pistol that kills without any doubt. The owner directed Yvonne toward a Mab 7.65mm, a French-made semiautomatic with a nine-round magazine.

She returned the next day and bought the Mab and 25 rounds of ammunition.

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