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Rebuilding France

Legion d'Honneur medal
Legion d'Honneur medal
Pierre Chevallier received the French Legion dHonneur and Croix de Guerre for his wartime heroism, and he was elected mayor of his adoring hometown in the euphoric glee after the wars end.

Croix de Guerre medal
Croix de Guerre medal
Yvonne gave birth in 1945 to the couples second son, Thugal, conceived during the liberation of Orleans.

While Yvonne looked after the boys, Chevallier threw himself into the rebuilding of France. He was elected to the National Assembly and became a protégé of René Pleven, a fellow freedom fighter who served as minister of finance after the war.

René Pleven
René Pleven
Chevallier began spending more and more time in Paris, the French seat of government. He took an apartment there in 1950 and frequently stayed overnight.

Like any politician, he maintained a busy schedule of appearances at political and social functions. His wife rarely accompanied him.

Chevallier was considered dashing and handsome, to French tastes. He was well-spoken and composed, even in crowds of strangers.

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