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The Wood Chipper Murder Case

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(AP Wide World)
Richard Crafts addressing the jury at his trial for the murder of his wife Helle.

(AP Wide World)
Richard Crafts in custody.

Helle Crafts, victim, had expressed to several people her fear that her husband would kill her when he learned that she intended to divorce him.

A U-Haul similar to one Joseph Hine saw Richard Crafts using. Crafts hired a U-Haul truck to transport the woodchipper he used to dispose of his wife Helle's body.

A wood chipper similar to the one hired by Richard Crafts. He put his wife's frozen dead body through the woodchipper in order to dispose of it.

Lake Zoar, an overlook view. Richard Crafts was observed with a U-Haul truck towing a woodchipper on the shores of the Housatonic River just outside of Southbury in an area of the river known as Lake Zoar.

Dr. Henry C. Lee, forensics expert whose work on the Woodchipper case helped prosecutors to secure a conviction of Richard Crafts.

State's Attorney Walter F. Flanagan led the prosecution team in the trial of Richard Crafts.

Danbury Court where Richard Crafts was arraigned for the murder of his wife, Helle Crafts.

New London courthouse. Due to the overwhelming amount of publicity on the case, the trial of Richard Crafts was moved to New London, Connecticut.

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