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The Family of Winnfred Wright

The Perfect Mark

With her heavy jaw and stocky build, Wilson was not a picture of beauty or refined sophistication. But she did have a trust fund a private bank from which she could withdraw money at whim and Wright was itching to get his hands on it.

Wright took Wilson back to his apartment to introduce her to Bremner and the couples two young daughters. Bremner's long blonde hair was covered by a head scarf and she was dressed in a nunnish, baggy dress. She exuded modesty and welcomed Wilson into their dwelling, which was decorated with Wright's garish artwork paintings of lions and snakes and Egyptian hieroglyphs. Wright told Wilson that they modeled their household after traditional "African tribal cultures" wherein the female works to support the family while the male pursues enlightenment through writing, painting, meditating and studying religious texts.

In the following days, Wright doggedly wooed Wilson, giving her long massages as he explained his self-centric religion. When he showed Wilson her astrological chart and traced his fingertip over it, telling her it was her "karmic destiny" to be with him, she believed him.

Soon afterward, she moved into Wright's apartment, becoming his second wife.

Despite having sex with two women living under his roof, Wright wanted more. His appetite for fresh flesh was insatiable, and his delusions of grandeur were troubling.

And so Wright concocted a scheme to bring more women into his fold and dispatched Bremner, the sweet-voiced one, into the streets to find them.

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