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The Family of Winnfred Wright

Nightmarish Harem

Prosecutors were baffled. How could such a violent loser create this nightmarish harem in the middle of progressive Marin County without anyone noticing? The Family had had many run-ins with law enforcement during the past decade, yet somehow always managed to slip through the authorities' grasp.

The Family's home in Marin County
The Family's home in Marin County

The women Wright selected weren't idiots. They were highly educated and came from upstanding backgrounds. One led the anti-apartheid movement at her college. One was an outstanding athlete. Another came from a family of millionaires. They were all ambitious young women who seemed destined to live full and happy lives until they crossed paths with Winnfred Wright.

Winnfred Wright
Winnfred Wright
It would take investigators months to piece together the details of how the women had fallen under Wrights destructive spell and wound up in a Marin courthouse, shackled next to their leader and charged with second-degree murder, manslaughter, and child felony endangerment.

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