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The Family of Winnfred Wright

Carol Bremner

Carol Bremner had been sick for months with a mysterious affliction that made her feel constantly exhausted and left bruises on her pale skin. She tried to self-medicate using herbal remedies, but nothing relieved her symptoms. When her vision blurred and her gums bled, she asked Wright to let her go to a doctor, but he refused. One day she couldn't catch her breath and was gasping for air, she asked Wright again, and he reluctantly consented to drive her to the hospital.

She was subjected to a battery of tests and was told she was in the advanced stages of leukemia, an aggressive cancer that attacks bone marrow and blood cells. When he heard the news, Wright told Bremner she'd "brought it on herself."

At the same time that Bremner was dying, Ndigo got sick. The child was fussy, congested, and refused to take his bottle.

Campbell asked Wright to let her take her baby in for a checkup, but again he refused.

Carol Bremner
Carol Bremner
"You're making him sick with your negative energy," he told her, according to the SF Weekly.

One night Ndigo started having trouble breathing and began to turn blue. He was given CPR while the children prayed and rubbed the baby's arms. When that didn't help, they sat him in front of the television "to stimulate his brain" and gave him a hot bath.

Nothing worked, and Ndigo's condition was worsening with each passing moment.

"It's Ndigo's time to pass," Wright told his anguished clan, according to one of Campbell's daughters who was later interviewed by authorities. "He doesn't want to live the human life anymore."

When Wright finally allowed the women to take Ndigo to the hospital, he was no longer breathing.

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