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Football Player and the Millionaire: Deadly Love Triangle

Nanette Ann Maneckshaw Johnston Packard McNeal


"She must have a trapeze in her bedroom because she's hooking these guys left and right."

So says retired Newport Beach police Sgt. David Byington, who led the investigation into McLaughlin's murder.

"Every one of her relationships she gets the guy, hardcore," Byington added. "There was one boyfriend after another. She was a decent looker."

Nanette Packard
Nanette Packard
Nanette Maneckshaw was born in Chicago, but grew up in Phoenix, Ariz., and graduated from high school in 1983. She married a man named Kevin Johnston, had two children with him, and the pair moved to Orange County, Calif., in 1991.

But they separated that year and Nanette began dating McLaughlin. Within a few months, McLaughlin and her children had moved her into his six-bedroom, four-bath Newport Beach home.

"She was a seductress and worked her way in," Byington said.

After McLaughlin's death, Johnston married John Packard, had another baby, but cheated on him, leading to a divorce in 2008, police said. She quickly married William McNeal Jr., who was also an inventor with a lot of money. He also owned a brand-new $1.2-million home in the wealthy Orange County suburb of Ladera Ranch.

With no college education and no job skills, Nanette decided to get her real estate license in 2006. From the various men in her life, she managed to collect properties totaling several million dollars while racking up unpaid tax bills of about $40,000, according to California public records.

Nanette had a child with McNeal as well, but McNeal would end up filing for divorce in May 2010.

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