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Football Player and the Millionaire: Deadly Love Triangle

Arrest and Filing


Murphy decided he had enough to file charges, and a judge issued warrants for the arrests of Johnston and Naposki.

Nanette Johnston
Nanette Johnston
In May 2009, Naposki was living in New York, engaged to marry a schoolteacher and working as a personal trainer. A police SWAT team followed him for a week to learn his habits before pulling him over at a traffic stop. "Not this...again!" Naposki exclaimed upon learning that he would be arrested, Byington said. One of his detectives talked to the fiancée who said, "I wish you would've arrested him yesterday, because I sent out our invitations yesterday."

Johnston was married and living the life of a soccer mom in Ladera Ranch. She baked cookies, attended PTA meetings, and held home Bible studies. With her husband and new baby, it was a life far away from the sensationalism of her affair with McLaughlin.

Byington wanted the satisfaction of arresting her personally and knocked on her door. Johnston answered.

"I said, 'Hey, Nanette, remember me?' She said, 'No I don't,' in a really snooty way. Then she said, 'My baby is upstairs do we have to talk now?' I said, 'Actually, we do. You understand you are under arrest for murder?' Byington said.

"For what? What murder?" Johnston asked.

"This time, the McLaughlin murder. I don't know about the other ones," Byington quipped.

"Hey, he was worth more alive than dead to me, why would I want to kill him?" she responded.

He entered the home with a search warrant, but didn't find much of interest other than a series of credit card statements with overdue balances of hundreds of thousands of dollars; a stripper pole and a wardrobe that might make Hollywood's most glamorous stars jealous.

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