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New Orleans Sportscaster Charged in Wife's Death

**Update: New Attorneys Appointed

Shortly after the start of 2007, Marinello was given two court-appointed defense attorneys. Presiding Judge Conn Regan, of the 24th Judicial District Court in Jefferson Parish, assigned Paul Fleming Jr. and Sam Scillitani to represent Marinello in the case. Regan removed previously assigned defender, Shelley Vix, citing Vix's heavy caseload as the reason for the change.

Vince Marinello
Vince Marinello

On February 15, during Marinello's first appearance in court after his second-degree murder indictment, Marinello's new attorneys announced to Regan that they wanted a change of venue for the trial. The case, they said, had become so high-profile, with national exposure, that their client couldn't expect to receive a fair trial in Jefferson Parish. The request was formally submitted on April 12, and a hearing date to consider the request was set for July 2.

In yet another twist to the case, Marinello's attorneys on May 15 informed Regan that they wanted the Jefferson District Attorney's Office off the case. They cited the complaint Marinello had filed with Harahan Police against his wife the previous year and argued that the assistant district attorneys assigned to the case would not be unbiased. Meanwhile, at the same hearing, Assistant District Attorney Jordan turned over more than 900 pages of documents to the defense.

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