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Susan Grund, Oversexed Murderess

Probation and Peru

Tommy Whited was left brain-damaged and bedridden by the brain injury inflicted by his stepmother.

Susan was charged with felony assault and several related counts. The boy's grandfather, Lester Suenram, was understandably furious. He blamed Susan, but he also reserved wrath for his former son-in-law for failing to recognize the evil in his new wife.

Suenram sought vigorous prosecution, but he was convinced by the Oklahoma authoritiesperhaps informed by provincial beliefs about child abuse-that the case would be difficult to prove.

Susan Grund
Susan Grund

Susan was allowed to plead guilty to a single felony count of child beating. Remarkably, after pummeling her stepson into a permanent vegetative state, she was given a five-year suspended sentence.

The shocking case rated nothing more than a line of agate type in the court record of the local newspaper.

Care of Tommy Whited was entrusted to Grandfather Suenram, who dedicated his wealth to his grandson's comfort. Custody of Jacob Campbell was transferred to that boy's father.

And where did this leave Susan and Tom Whited? In bed. They continued to copulate like bunnies even after the woman had beaten to a pulp Whited's namesake son.

Ostracized by his own relatives, Whited finally spurned Susan, whom he would later describe as "the world's greatest liar." She decided to return to her hometown, nine years after she'd left. When she left for Peru in the summer of 1984, she was three months pregnant with a daughter fathered by Tom Whited.

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