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Tommy and Jacob

Tom Whited, a graduate of Rice University in Houston, had resigned his Army commission in 1981 due to a head injury suffered in a car accident, according to Wensley's account in his book Deadly Seduction. At the same time, his wife, Cheryl, was being treated for the leukemia that eventually took her life.

Deadly Seduction by Wensley Clarkson
Deadly Seduction, by Wensley Clarkson

After Cheryl died, her father, Lester Suenram, took a personal interest in the well-being of his grandson, Tommy. He also kept an eye on his son-in-law, which made for some uncomfortable moments at the Perry factory outside Oklahoma City.

Suenram noticed, for example, when Whited began flirting at work with Susan, and he wasn't happy about it.

He cautioned Whited. Cheryl had been gone for only six months, he said, and Susan was a married woman.

But there was no stopping the romance.

Susan divorced Campbell and took custody of Jacob. In the fall of 1982, she and Tom Whited drove to Austin, Texas, and were married.

The blushing bride had gained another surname.

Susan Sanders Lovell Campbell Whited spent her 24th birthday on her third honeymoon.

Lake Hefner
Lake Hefner

She moved into Whited's comfortable home on Rushing Road, a five-minute walk from Lake Hefner, a vast, sailboat-dotted body of water in northwest Oklahoma City. Coincidentally, Tommy Whited and Jacob Campbell, both 3 at the time of the marriage, were just months apart in age.

Rather than go into a complicated explanation about the blended family, Susan often simply identified the boys as twins. She sometimes dressed them in identical outfits, and little Tommy began addressing Susan as "Mommy."

From the outside, the four seemed like a happy family. They weren't.

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